The Aretha Franklin biopic "RESPECT" has been one of the top movies this summer, and piano makers Steinway & Sons have teamed up with lead star Jennifer Hudson for a special auction event.

Together with MGM Studios, Steinway & Sons are celebrating the release of the iconic biopic featuring The Queen of Soul by donating a one-of-a-kind bespoke Steinway-Designed Boston Piano painted by art duo MenaceResa. The unique piano will be put up for auction, with the proceed going to JHud and her sister's nonprofit, The Julian D. King Gift Foundation.

(Photo : Shamin Abas)

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With the word "RESPECT" emblazoned in solid black letters across the front and center of the piano, Jennifer Hudson tapped Menace Two and Resa Piece to work their magic on the now-iconic instrument. Having painted several of these similarly-inspired murals in the home of the "Dreamgirls" star, the impressive dynamic duo of art has added their own color palette and patterns to the Steinway & Sons piano, which was also bedazzled with more than a thousand Swarovski crystals.

The collaboration is an inevitable partnership coming from Aretha Franklin favoring works by Steinway over the years, playing their pianos throughout her life and her illustrious career. This lifelong relationship was also evidenced in the film, as Steinway prominently features in several films in "RESPECT." Furthermore, Jennifer Hudson herself took piano lessons to prepare for portraying The Queen of Soul on the silver screen, learning most of Franklin's songs by heart.

If fans could distract themselves from Hudson channeling Franklin through her incredible vocal prowess, they might find the opportunity to appreciate how Steinway pianos help shape songs and create a presence for itself throughout the film.

The one-of-a-kind piano is still available on auction at Charity Auctions, and will remain up for bids until September 27. Interested parties may bid on the Steinway Respect webpage.

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