Doja Cat Stars in New Pepsi Commerical (VIDEO)

Chart topping, queen of TikTok songs, icon Doja Cat is now starring in a new Pepsi commercial. The commercial comes as Pepsi reinvents classic soda shop flavors such as Cream Soda and Black Cherry. It is going to premiere on television during the 2021 MTV Awards, which are happening this Sunday. These limited-run sodas are the perfect blend of nostalgia and modern influence. That becomes even more clear in this commercial starring modern icon, Doja Cat.

This modern You're the One That I Want might be giving Olivia Newton John a run for her money. Also, did a Pepsi commercial just create a new chart topper? Doja Cat's unique and very modern sound alongside the references the classic musical Grease (such as the signs for Rydell High, the outfits, the entire song), give off that perfect classic-meets-contemporary vibe that Pepsi is looking for. Also, Doja Cat singing songs from the musical Grease in a nationally televised commercial. Seems like the musical is about to make it's way into main stream culture. (I wonder who called that...)

Doja Cat as Sandra Dee
(Photo : Pepsi)
Doja Cat channels Sandra Dee from Grease in new Pepsi ad

All this to say, Doja Cat is the Empress of All, get ready to get a Pepsi commercial stuck in your head, and remember to try out these limited edition Pepsi flavors!