Former "Doctor Who" cast member Tanya Fear is reported to be missing in Los Angeles, California, as her friends' concern for her well-being reaches social media.

The actress was last publicly spotted on Thursday last week, September 9th, around the Hollywood Bowl area of LA. According to Daily Mail, Tanya's acquaintance announced the starlet's status with their missing person post on Twitter.

In the said tweet, they captioned, "No one has seen or heard from her since. Please repost this picture with the hashtag #FindTanyaFear to help locate her," and included a picture of Fear and the necessary contact details in reporting any sightings or information about her.

The missing person post circulating on social media also had Tanya's full name and physical description, such as her height, weight, eye color, hair color, and texture.

A Long Way From Home

A few hours after the first tweet, a London-based Twitter account quote tweeted the post saying, "My cousin is missing, she has no family in the US and we're all really worried."

Pauline "Tanya" Fear migrated from the United Kingdom to fulfill her dreams as an actress and a comedian in Los Angeles. The concerned loved one who claimed to be Tanya's cousin joined in search of finding her.

An article by Metro mentioned that the cousin identified the outfit that Tanya was last seen wearing, which included "a short-sleeved brown collared fitted top with a few buttons ar the top and dark plaid pants." The source clarified that the comedian could have been wearing "flannel shorts," too.

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Doctor Who Fandom Steps In

Although Tanya only played a minor role as Dr. Jade McIntyre in the 2018 episode of "Doctor Who" titled "Arachnids," the whole fandom took part in spreading the news about her whereabouts.

Under the handle @DrWhoOnline, the official Twitter account for everything related to "Doctor Who" and its fandom also informed its 130,000 followers of Fear's disappearance. The tweet captioned "'Missing Person alert: Tanya Fear who played Jade in 'Arachnids In The UK went missing on 9/9/2021."

Further investigation found that Tanya's last social media engagement was the day before she had gone missing. The actress retweeted a post from Dolly Parton on September 8th and greeted British comedian and author Jenny Bede on September 7th.

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