There are so many things currently happening with Wendy Williams.

She previously tested positive for COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated and rushed to the hospital for psychiatric issues, per TMZ.

However, some of her staff are dubbing her as the next Whitney Houston.

Staff of "The Wendy Williams Show" are reportedly really concerned for their boss and also worried that they may lose their job after the show's season premiere has been moved to October.

Though Wendy's brother confirmed that she's okay and doing better, employees of the controversial TV host are afraid that she's on the same dangerous path as Whitney Houston.

They told The Sun that if this continues to go on, "It's going to be another Whitney Houston situation."

The singer-actress died at the age of 48 years old. The medical examiner's office ruled that her death was due to "drowning and the effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use."

The staff further told the outlet that part of the problem is that when it comes to issues with Wendy and her health, "Everybody's an enabler."

The frustrated team member vented that the enabler allows her to do whatever she wants and won't tell her to stop and rest, so she can recover and finally return to the iconic purple couch.

"They don't want to lose their job," the staff continued, "No one can tell her no, as they are afraid to speak up."

The 57-year-old's hospital stay comes as the media personality is reportedly facing a series of health issues.


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On September 9, Wendy Williams announced she was taking a break from a bunch of scheduled job commitments to deal with her ongoing health problems and that she would be undergoing further evaluations of her health.

As for her positive COVID-19 breakthrough case, her show's Instagram page confirmed on September 15, "To allow Wendy time to quarantine and fully recover and to ensure that our production abides by all SAG/AFTRA and DGA Covid protocols, we expect to begin the 13th season of The Wendy Williams Show on Monday, October 4."

However, it is currently unclear what is wrong with Wendy, but she has been very open about her health issues, including having Graves' disease.

Additionally, another insider told Page Six that the "Think Like A Man" star is reportedly "lonely" as she deals with several health issues.

"It has been a very difficult time for Wendy. She's a single woman with very few friends. She lost her marriage, her mom, and is living alone."

The insider added, "There is a lot on her plate."

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