Prince Andrew endured more pressure as the lawyers of his accuser, Virginia Giuffre, forwarded the legal papers to his camp once again.

Express U.K. reported that the aforesaid legal documents were sent via email and FedEx on Monday. Prince Andrew's U.S. lawyer, Andrew Brettler, was reportedly set as the recipient of the papers.

Following the receipt, the royal prince's legal team needs to challenge the High Court's decision within seven days. This involves informing Prince Andrew about the U.S. civil case filed against him.

On Wednesday, the High Court in London granted the request filed by Giuffre's lawyers to finally tell Prince Andrew about the lawsuit.

The serving of the documents has been confirmed by the Managing Editor of Law Crime News, Adam Klasfeld.

"Small wrinkle: Prince Andrew's been served... again, Virginia Giuffre's lawyer says. And lest there be any doubt about service, a federal judge has issued a formal request to the U.K. government (known as a "letters rogatory") on the matter," he revealed.

The new development came after both camps argued about the notification of the case during the trial hearing on September 13.

According to Giuffre's representative, David Boies, they delivered the documents to the address of Prince Andrew and sent them by Royal Mail. The court documents unearthed this month also proved that the files were given to a police officer at the Royal Lodge on August 27.

However, the Duke of York's attorney insisted that he was not served under the U.K. or international Law.

The recent trial also heard about the alleged settlement agreement Giuffre entered in 2009, and it could potentially void her lawsuit.

Giuffre's Claims vs. Prince Andrew

It started when the accuser filed the document in New York and accused Prince Andrew of sexually assaulting her thrice when she was 18.

She added that she was forced to have intercourse with the royal prince at Ghislaine Maxwell's home in London in 2001. The other incident reportedly happened at a New York mansion and Jeffrey Epstein's private island in the Caribbean.

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"I am holding Prince Andrew accountable for what he did to me. The powerful and the rich are not exempt from being held responsible for their actions," Giuffre said, via her lawyers, in a statement to ABC.

The next steps after re-serving the documents remain unknown as of the writing.

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