Meghan McCain was back on TV as a special guest since she left "The View," but fans aren't too happy to see and hear her thoughts on the United States' current political climate.

According to Uproxx, the conservative host recently appeared on NBC News' "Meet the Press," a show about elected officials who need to answer questions from the public.

McCain sat down with Amy Walter, Leigh Ann Caldwell, and Eddie Glaude Jr. to talk about President Joe Biden's current administration. (watch the full interview below)

The former host, who's currently working with The Daily Mail UK as a columnist, weighed in on Biden's Build Back Better agenda, in which she's not a fan.

"The Build Back Better agenda is the most progressive modern agenda of all time," she mentioned. She added that it's not "polling well," and she's confused why the administration is focusing on something that's not well-received in the polls.

Following this, fans took to Twitter to slam McCain on her claims saying the polls are not "cratering" as opposed to McCain's statement.

"This is a really good example of the media elevating lies and misinformation, courtesy of Chuck Todd who has a bad track record on this front. This statement by Ms. McCain is a lie? Why repeat it and give it legs?" Journalist Soledad O'Brien wrote.

"Meghan McCain went on Meet the Press to lie that the the support for Build Back Better Act is cratering. It has support from 66% of Americans." one wrote.

"that is false. It is polling well. Why let her come on to lie?" another one wrote.

McCain later took to her Twitter account to explain herself, saying American people "aren't happy" with President Biden's plan.

After sharing the tweet, McCain seems to have dug herself a bigger hole as fans bombarded her in the reply question asking for her "qualifications" and "areas of experties."

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Meghan McCain Previously Slammed For Her Shady Reaction On 'The View' Hosts' Positive COVID Tests

In early reports, Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were escorted of "The View" set after testing positive for COVID-19.

They were supposed to interview Vice President Kamala Harris in person.

Following this, McCain throws a subtle shade on her Twitter account by posting, "Trust your instinct, kids," along with a GIF of Clint Eastwood in "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly."

The conservative host later deleted her tweet but fans slammed her for being insensitive of the situation.

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