Angelina Jolie and Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, kept fueling their dating rumors by appearing together in public once again. This time, did they head home together?

Although neither party confirmed anything romantic developing between them, the photographic evidence doesn't lie. The actress and the "Blinding Lights" singer were discovered that they had a scheduled date in Santa Monica last Saturday night.

The celebrity pair arrived separately at their meeting place- the Giorgio Baldi family-run restaurant known for its luxurious and romantic atmosphere. Daily Mail reported that the couple had reserved a private section for themselves.

Their date lasted two and a half hours before both artists decided it was time to retire for the night. Notably, this has been the second instance that the two were spotted dining in the said restaurant.

Angelina and Abel's Risky Business

Paparazzi caught the two as they left the modest restaurant and into The Weeknd's vehicle. The "Eternals" star and the younger man were not at all discreet, even with their faces covered up with black face masks and their full coverage, dark outfits.

It seems like Abel had called on his driver to pull up in front before their exit as a black SUV had been on standby and waiting. The 46-year old mother-of-six had no problem following Tesfaye into the backseat of his ride as they both reportedly headed to the artist's $70 million home in Bel Air.

According to Hollywood Life, the last time the lovebirds were spotted together was two months ago in June when gossip about them dating first sparkled in the media.

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What About Brad Pitt?

The publication mentioned the Jolie and her 31-year old love interest are both currently single. However, Angelina is still in the process of settling the custody battle against her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

The former husband-and-wife share six children between the two of them, with five of them under the joint custody of both the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" stars as of May this year. However, Angelina has already submitted an appeal to the Judge in charge of their case for full custody.

The actress is pushing for the court to allow their children to testify for themselves in court. Earlier this year in March, Jolie had also reportedly filed documents proving Pitt's violent tendencies at home.

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