Prince Andrew has been accused of hiding at the Balmoral Castle over the past few months after Virginia Giuffre has been trying to serve him legal documents; however, the embattled Prince isn't refusing to face his case, but rather, he's stranded in the Scottish estate.

According to Richard Eden of The Daily Mail UK, the Prince of York is struggling to get home, he reportedly wants to go back to the Royal Lodge in Windsor, but he's unable to do so because of gas problems.

Eden added that the Balmoral's local gas station in Aberdeenshire recently announced that they had run out of fuel; if ever it reopens, petrol is likely to be rationed so Prince Andrew couldn't buy many gallons of gas which is required for his journey back home.

The writer fears that the embattled Prince could be stranded in Balmoral until the fuel crisis is over.

Aside from him, Queen Elizabeth II could also remain in the castle. Eden described it as an "awkward" situation for Her Majesty as she's expected to leave this weekend, and tourists will arrive soon to stay.

The Prince was previously labeled "The Duke of Torque" after bringing three SUV vehicles to the area. The cars traveled in a convoy, and a friend of his admitted that it isn't good for the environment.

He reportedly traveled with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson who arrived last week for her third stay at the castle.

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Prince Andrew, Virginia Giuffre Case Update

In recent reports, Prince Andrew is reportedly planning to launch a secret strategy to save his reputation amid Virginia Giuffre's allegations against him.

Virginia Giuffre's team previously had a hard time serving the Prince's legal documents regarding the case. They reportedly tried several attempts but were unable to do so until last week.

Last Friday, the embattled Prince's legal team already accepted legal documents served to him, and they have until the end of October to respond.

According to a source, the Prince of York is reportedly preparing to challenge the allegations against him. The insider mentioned that his lawyers will be "looking to examine and dismantle the case one by one."

A preliminary hearing will happen on October 13 in New York.

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