Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently went to New York City for several reasons. Their children Archie and Lilibet Diana were not present during their four-day trip; an expert explained a possible reason why.

According to Express UK, after the Sussexes stepped down from their royal duties and moved to Los Angeles, they were also stripped of their protections from the royal family.

Recently, Michael Jackson's former personal bodyguard, Matt Fides, spoke to the outlet and revealed that the couple may have intentionally left their children.

He mentioned that he had seen this type of setup many times over the past years, working as a bodyguard for the late pop legend. Fides said that children of celebrities are left behind due to "threats upon them for financial gain."

Fides compared the Sussexes' situation to the late Princess Diana as they were also hunted by the public and have been the target of media worldwide.

"There will always be more media interest in them than any current Royal as they have gone against the establishment and continue to do so." Fides added.

How Strict Are Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's Current Security?

Per Fides, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's security guards are so strict; he could compare it to the Secret Service or presidential protection.

He added that the level of security around the couple is "far greater than you would see with a megastar."

The expert also mentioned that Prince Harry and Markle's trip to New York during the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is dangerous for them as they are currently having troubles in Afghanistan.

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Protected By Taylor Swift's Bodyguards In Recent New York Trip?

According to The Daily Mail UK, the Sussexes were protected by Taylor Swift's personal bodyguards during their trip to New York City.

The couple was guarded with armed security, including a former NYPD officer who serves as the popstar's head of security.

Another guard known as Jimmy was present on the trip; the outlet mentioned that he is an expert when it comes to dealing with stalkers and intruders who trespassed into Swift's apartment in the past.

It is unclear whether the pop star loaned her guards during the trip or Prince Harry and Meghan hired them from another company.

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