Britney Spears is finally free from her father, Jamie Spears, as the court suspended him as a conservator after months of legal showdown.

The outcome of the recent hearing between Britney and Jamie over the conservatorship happened in favor of the pop star, and fans outside the court immediately rejoiced.

Judge Brenda Penny announced to the court en masse that Britney's father, Jamie, is suspended immediately from the conservatorship.

"Suspension is in the best interests of Britney Spears," she said, as quoted by Fox News. "The current situation is not tenable."

Judge Penny ordered Jamie to turn over all books and records related to the conservatorship. She also approved CPA John Zabel to be the pop star's temporary conservator of the estate until December 31. She firmly announced that her ruling was not appealable.

Upon hearing the news, the #FreeBritney supporters outside the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles yelled and celebrated the positive development in the case. They even chanted "do the right thing" to Judge Penny so Britney could totally be freed from her father's control.

New Argument Rose

After the announcement, both parties started to argue when to end the conservatorship. Jamie's lawyer asked the court to immediately remove the conservatorship at the same time the patriarch had been suspended.

However, Britney's lawyer, Mather Rosengart, argued that they need at least 30 to 45 days before the termination to look into the books and records from Jamie. This will reportedly allow the team to reveal "possible corruption" throughout the 13 years of conservatorship.

"Britney Spears testified under oath about James Spears cruelty and toxic presence in her life," he said. "There's a mountain of evidence mandating his suspension."

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Rosengart also explained that Britney herself wants an orderly transition before reminding them that the singer has been abused by her father since her childhood.

The lawyer referenced what the FX and New York Times documentary revealed about Jamie.

Jamie's attorney, Vivian Thoreen, hit back via Zoom and asked the court to dismiss the temporary suspension request since "it makes no sense to delay the removal of conservatorship."

The representative also highlighted that Britney's statements in her past appearances were all questionable. In addition, she was not crossed examined to find out the veracity of her claims.

It remains unknown whether the court would extend Zobel's time as Britney's temporary conservator soon.

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