One outlet reported that Drew Barrymore still has ongoing bad blood with Winona Ryder as she had gone through a fling with Barrymore's ex, Tom Green.

Based on the article from New Idea via Suggest, there has always been a quarrel between Drew Barrymore and Winona Ryder. And this said feud has been ongoing ever since they rose into fame in the '90s as both were often after the same roles.

They were even named as the "it girls of the '90s," as the source described.

The Heated Fight Between 90s Chicks

The insider even mentioned how the two had become in constant competition in their acting careers, resulting in them "never really" becoming friends later on.

As the sticky situation continued, it even got worse as the "Heathers" actress "got cozy" with Barrymore's ex-husband since 2001, Tom Green. Despite being only married for less than a year, the outlet said that the actress was "unhappy" for moving on with her acting rival seven years after their divorce.

Green and Ryder fueled dating rumors after outlets spotted them having dinner together in 2008.

"Drew's still possessive about Tom, or at least about their brief time together," an insider told the source. This ongoing conflict between the two might never end anytime soon, as another source reported by National Enquirer said that Barrymore "bans" Ryder on her new talk show, "The Drew Barrymore Show," as her guest. And for her reason, it is still about being against each other's necks in acting gigs.

"Drew could never pretend to like her," they concluded.

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So Are They Really In A Feud?

After all of these reports regarding the feud between the "it girls of the 90s," Suggest claimed that the ongoing feud between them is non-existent. There may have been rumors regarding Ryder and Green having dinner.

However, no source has confirmed that the two had been in a relationship.

The site also debunked that there is no history of the two dashing actresses having bad blood or possessive behavior against each other.

In recent news, Drew Barrymore once talked about her close relationship with ex-husband Will Kopelman and newly wedded wife, Allie Michler.

"She knows that I absolutely worship the ground she walks on, and I'm her biggest cheerleader," the actress said in an "Armchair Expert" interview with Dax Shepard.

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