Jennifer Lopez reportedly felt that Ben Affleck was pushing her away which ignited their first major fight.

Globe magazine claimed in their upcoming issue that the "Jenny From the Block" singer was furious with the "Batman v. Superman" star after he refused to allow her to visit him on the set of his upcoming film in Texas.

Because of Ben's busy schedule, JLo is thinking that her newly-rekindled beau is pushing her away.

Ben Affleck Can't Stand Jennifer Lopez's Presence Anymore?

An insider revealed that Ben Affleck asked his girlfriend that they needed to spend time apart because they have been together and hanging out most of the time.

JLo's clinginess was reportedly getting too much for the "Gone Girl" actor, and unfortunately, she doesn't get the message of what Ben wanted to happen.

According to the insider, the "Hustle" actress still urges Ben to visit his set.

The mom of twins is also demanding for her boyfriend to purchase a house in Texas to stay there while they are both there.

"Ben's not backing out, but he doesn't want to be pushed around and dictated to like her last boyfriend Alex Rodriguez."

The source also said that the "Maid In Manhattan" actress is determined that she and Ben will eventually get married this time; that's why she's not giving up her relationship.

However, the 52-year-old New York native was surprised because the "Daredevil" star has allegedly been giving her mixed signals as of late, so eventually, JLo started to feel that they were both on different pages.

According to the insider, "She's getting clingy and he's moping around, but this argument won't be resolved until she gets her way."


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Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck in Couple's Therapy?

To work on their relationship even when they didn't have any problems before the report by Globe, Bennifer is reportedly going to couple's therapy to keep their relationship perfect.

As they say, prevention is better than cure.

In a report by You magazine, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have reportedly been talking to a therapist even though they don't have any relationship to "avoid the pitfalls that plagued them before."

"Their therapy sessions are solution-based, not heavy or intense debates."

The Truth About These Bennifer Stories

One should take these reports with a grain of salt. There is no proof that the couple fought because of JLo's clinginess, nor are they going to therapy to prevent any significant relationship problems in the future.

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