Prince Andrew and his team are determined to win the case against Virginia Giuffre.

After acknowledging the proper service of papers twice, Prince Andrew and his team reportedly began to take steps in order to debunk the claims.

Instead of the original October 12 deadline, both camps agreed to extend the deadline and allow Prince Andrew to respond to the lawsuit until October 29.

But aside from answering the lawsuit, the Duke of York's team is expected to challenge Giuffre over her baseless allegations. As the royal's American lawyer was the only one to address the receipt so far, the Duke would likely take on a different legal strategy to clear his name.

This resonated with what a source told Daily Mail about the royal prince's preparation to fight soon.

"Irrespective of media reports, the duke retains every confidence in his legal team and their strategy," the insider continued.

New Development on Prince Andrew's Case

While waiting for the preliminary hearing, Prince Andrew's ex and other people have since been dragged into his sex abuse scandal.

Ahead of the remote hearing in November, Prince Andrew's team told the court they would argue a 2009 agreement made and agreed by Giuffre and Epstein. The document states that Prince Andrew is free from all potential liabilities their past connection may cost.

Still, Giuffre's team insisted that the 2009 document would not safeguard the Duke since they already scored permission from Epstein's estate to use it.

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Prince Andrew's ex, Sarah Ferguson, already defended him. However, she and one of their daughters just got dragged to the case and might serve as witnesses after Prince Andrew alleged he was with them on the night of the alleged abuse.

The royal prince already strengthened his camp by adding Melissa Lerner of the Hollywood firm Lavley and Singer to his legal team.

He will not have any problems with the legal fees, though, as Queen Elizabeth II reportedly began working behind the scenes by paying his million-dollar legal fees.

According to The Telegraph, the Queen currently spends millions to defend Prince Andrew by funding his legal fight. The Buckingham Palace has yet to confirm the news, but disclosed that the set-up began soon after his crash BBC interview.

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