Jennifer Aniston has been living her best life as a single woman. She was previously linked to several celebrities like her "Friends" co-star David Schwimmer, Paul Rudd, and more recently, George Clooney; is it true that the actress is making Amal Clooney jealous for being over-friendly with her husband?

According to a report published by National Enquirer, Aniston has a big crush on George Clooney, and his wife isn't having any of it.

The actress reportedly has had feelings for him for years now, and Amal Clooney is doing her best to keep them away from each other because she "finds her over-friendly towards her husband."

An insider mentioned that it's impossible for the two stars to hook up, but they have a "real cliquey" vibe when they spend time together. The actor's wife is reportedly out of place of their "Hollywood conversations."

In addition, Aniston wants to get Clooney on her latest show and "making quips about wanting to date him," which is entirely disrespectful to his wife.

Amal Clooney is said to be too classy to confront the actress about the situation, but she's "freezing" her out of the social scene whether they like it or not.

In the actress's defense, another source said Aniston would tell anyone who calls her out that she's in a "harmless friendship," and if the actor's wife is offended, she "needs to get over herself."

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Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney Flirting Issue Debunked

After the report was published, Suggest debunked the claims saying the two are just old friends and Aniston is not tearing George and Amal Clooney's marriage apart.

Although Aniston indeed said she wanted the actor to star on her "The Morning Show" with Resse Witherspoon, her full interview on the "Today Show" reveals she was joking about the situation.

Witherspoon was the one who jokingly suggested Clooney should be on the show, prompting the two actresses to play out the idea for humor.

Aside from the interview, the outlet also mentioned that Clooney is based in Italy while Aniston lives in California; their distant locations are a telltale sign that the report isn't accurate as it is hard for them to socialize in the first place.

Furthermore, the report presented no evidence, and Aniston publicly said she wanted to date someone who isn't a public figure.

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