Prince Andrew was reportedly banned from publicly attending official events connected to the royal family. A report claims he got snubbed by his brother, Prince Charles, during an event. 

The Duke of York secretly went into a conference with their Army colonels. According to The Sun, the Prince was banned from becoming the Grenadier Guards' representative and joining the lavish banquet.

This resulted in them leaving the location before dinner and attended the conference privately. A source even mentioned that the Duke was separated from his brother, Prince Charles, as they are not allowed to dine together, "It is quite a fall from grace."

It is no shocker how Prince Charles and other senior royals had snubbed him at that time.

A Clarence House spokesman also left a statement saying, "The Grenadier Guards were represented by the Regional Lieutenant-Colonel, who is Lieutenant-General Roland Walker."

Run Away, Prince

Despite his appearance at the said conference, numerous reports said that Prince Andrew has been busy hiding for the past months from US lawyers.

Much recently, he was spotted hurrying away to Balmoral on the way to the Queen. He came with Fergie Furguson.

The same source mentioned above also claimed that the Duke rejected several attempts by US lawyers for the last two weeks to serve legal documents on his doorstep. The security guards even turned them away.

It comes as he has failed to respond to Jeffrey Epstein's former sex slave Virginia Giuffre lawsuit, who accused him of "rape in the first degree," last month in New York.

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Sibling No More?

On the other hand, Sunday Times of London via Page Six exclusively reported that his siblings Prince Charles, Prince Edward, and Princess Anne have "shut the door" on the Duke of York.

And as a palace source leaked, "There is no way in the world he's ever coming back, the family will never let it happen." They also added that during their meeting nine months ago, they all agreed that there was no way back for him anymore.

Prince William also spoke regarding his situation and said that he is "no fan" of Andrew, facing a sex abuse lawsuit in the United States.

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