Dog the Bounty Hunter has been accused of making up an injury to get himself away from Brian Laundrie case's spotlight.

Only a few weeks since launching his own search, Dog the Bounty Hunter - whose real name is Duane Chapman - took himself out of the case following an injury.

WFLA reporter Josh Benson first confirmed the news, saying that the bounty hunter suffered from an ankle injury while in the search.

"DOG. Just got an update from Dog the Bounty Hunter's team. They say he's headed back to Colorado soon to meet with his doctor after injuring his ankle in the search. He's also raising funds to continue what he calls an 'expensive search,'" Benson wrote.

Dog the Bounty Hunter reportedly contacted a talented network of local team members who will continue the search while he is gone. The "Florida Team" will reportedly comb several areas while he is in Colorado.

The announcement, however, raised questions as the public alleged that Dog the Bounty Hunter is only using Brian Laundrie's case for publicity.

Dog the Bounty Hunter FAKING Injury; Only Wants to Get Money?

Reports about the bounty hunter's injury caused a massive debate online, with most people accused him of doing the search to benefit himself.

One internet user said his team probably got enough footage already to make the pilot episode of his show. Meanwhile, others assumed he only wants to earn money and people's publicity during the search.

"Do NOT give that man money. Just don't. He's got plenty of his own & if he finds BL like anyone else, he will keep that reward," one said.

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Another added, "Dog the Bounty Hunter has removed himself from the search for Brian Laundrie due to an ankle injury. He probably twisted it when he slipped and fell in his own bulls-t."

Before taking his time off, Dog the Bounty Hunter shared his findings with The Sun and said Laundrie could be a serial killer. 

He told the news outlet how the missing man could be the culprit behind another murder aside from Gabby Petito's case. He also described their findings on Facebook as something terrifying.

Brian Laundrie's posts included demonic angels, and they gave Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife "goosebumps." He went on to warn everyone to do the same thing he does in paying attention to the books the fugitive already read.

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