Prince Andrew will not undergo a thorough investigation on the alleged sexual assault against Virginia Giuffre, but many people are not convinced with the verdict.

Weeks after Prince Andrew and his team received the papers of sexual assault lawsuit Giuffre filed, the Metropolitan Police dropped the investigation following their review.

On Sunday, the Met officers released the verdict and dropped the examination on Prince Andrew's potential sex crimes. They also looked into Giuffre's US civil lawsuit about the royal prince sexually assaulting her when she was 17.

"As a matter of procedure, Metropolitan Police Service officers reviewed a document released in August 2021 as part of a US civil action," police said in a statement," the statement said, as quoted by ABC. "This review has concluded, and we are taking no further action."

The development came after London's police chief Cressida Dick assured that the team of detectives would look into the allegations for the third time. Once they see reasonable proof, they would reportedly launch an investigation.

A source close to the Duke of York offered a reaction to the result, saying that the conclusion was not surprising at all. The Metropolitan Police's stance on the insufficient claims does not warrant a further investigation.

Although Prince Andrew has been saying his innocence, many royal fans found something fishy about the verdict.

Did Queen Elizabeth II Do Something On Met Police's Verdict Over Prince Andrew's Case?

On Twitter, several users shared photos of the police chief with Queen Elizabeth II. Most internet people alleged that the royal family used its power to clean Prince Andrew's name.

One shared a photo of the Queen's handshaking Commissioner Dick and questioned, "Why has Commissioner Cressida Dick refused (for the THIRD time) to investigate Andrew's part in the sex trafficking, pedophilia and sexual blackmail scandal? Is this photo a clue?"

Another penned, "the case against prince andrew is being dropped? this type of privilege and power is scary."

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People also slammed the Palace for obviously committing an unjust deed to make the Met Police drop the case against Prince Andrew. This caused #AbolishTheMonarchy to trend worldwide as they accused the Queen of manipulating the authorities' findings.

Buckingham Palace has not released a statement to address the recent development on Prince Andrew's case. However, almost everyone is not happy about it.

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