Soon after announcing their relationship, rumors are spreading about Olivia Munn planning to break up with her boyfriend, John Mulaney.

The pair is once again making headlines, but it's for the opposite reason as before. Based on the circulating gossip, Munn had apparently "lost her appetite" for the comedian after making things publicly official.

According to the National Enquirer via Suggest, the lovebirds drove the media into a frenzy earlier this year with the timing of their whirlwind romance as Mulaney was handling the controversies targeted at his personal life.

Did Oliva and John Really Break Up?

Speculations from entertainment articles spread the news that the couple is already cooling off from their once passionate relationship and is at the brink of calling it quits. However, the publication reported that the two lovers had already separated ways.

"They're not split up, but they're hardly an exclusive couple. Munn has a long line of suitors in LA," an insider shared. "The Predator" star was infamously dubbed as Hollywood's "man-eater" due to her long list of ex-lovers, including Justin Timberlake, Chris Pine, and Aaron Rodgers.

The informant speculated that Mulaney's friends were worried for him as he was already going through some major life events when everything happened.

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Olvia and John's Relationship

"The Comeback Kid" star had already been in the spotlight after he was exposed for going to rehab. The next thing that was reported about John was that his wife of six years- Anne Marie Tender, had just filed for a divorce.

Not even a week had passed after Tender announced their separation when Munn and Mulaney dropped the bomb to the press.

Sources reported that the comedian clarified his side of the story when he visited "Late Night with Seth Meyers," saying he had gotten treated at the rehab center for a month. Once he was released, he had immediately moved out of his shared home with Tender.

"Then in the spring I went to Los Angeles and met and started to date a wonderful woman named Oliva. I got into this relationship that's been really beautiful with someone incredible," Mulaney confessed to the host.

John then nervously announced that the two of them are having a baby together and that he's going to be a father very soon. "Olivia and this baby helped save me from myself in this early journey out of recovery," the comedian said.

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