Speculations about the authorities fabricating Brian Laundrie's DNA report emerged following the discovery of the human remains in the Carlton Reserve.

After finding human skeletal remains in the reserve, the FBI Denver released a statement, confirming that "a comparison of dental records confirmed that the human remains found at the T. Mabry Carlton, Jr. Memorial Reserve and Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park."

The partial human remains were described as skeletal, and two senior law enforcement officials said they included a portion of human skulls.

Following the publication of the findings, more theories came out and accused the FBI, and the authorities of faking the DNA records to make the human remains look like they were Laundrie's.

One said, "So we just gonna ignore the fact that Brian Laundrie's DNA didn't match the skull (remains) that were found and believed to be him? I'm surprised I haven't seen more reporting on this."

"OMG. They're reporting on TV the skull of #BrianLaundrie does NOT match his DNA. Only the teeth," another added. "So, the skull is not his, but the teeth are? Do you think the parents planted some of Brian Laundrie's teeth in w/his personal items found when the water receded?"

Did FBI Truly Fake Brian Laundrie, Human Remains' DNA?

As the speculations continued to go viral, the North Port Police published a statement to dismiss the rumors and clarify the latest update on the case.

On North Port Police's Twitter account, the department said it received several inquiries about a false report of human remains' DNA not belonging to Brian Laundrie. In response to this, the medical examiner sent a statement to set the records straight.

According to the report, no DNA analysis has been performed yet on the remains. However, they will submit samples of it for DNA testing soon after they are done examining them.

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Despite the explanation, more internet users asked the department why the medical examiner did not do a DNA test before the authorities confirmed Brian Laundrie's death. In addition, dental records reportedly provide only 77 percent of accuracy.

People remained skeptical, especially since the FBI clearly said they were Laundrie's despite not running complete tests. In the end, they suggested that "Just cause they found teeth that Match him does not mean it is him."

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