Little Mix once confronted Jesy Nelson about Blackfishing issues before she left the group.

After Nelson dropped her most-awaited debut single "Boyz," her former bandmates spoke candidly about her recent issue and how it repeated her past. Fans ultimately called her out for engaging in Blackfishing in her solo's music video.

Speaking with Stella Magazine, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards, and Jade Thirwall shared their thoughts about the effects of Nelson's moves.

"Capitalising on aspects of blackness without having to endure the daily realities of the black experience is problematic and harmful to people of colour. We think it's absolutely not OK to use harmful stereotypes. There's so much to say on that subject that it's hard to sum up in a sound bite," she said.

Meanwhile, Thirwall confessed about the need to continuously prove themselves as a girl band that came from The X Factor. She also refused to talk about the "feud" between them and Nelson during the interview.

How They Dealt With Blackfishing Before Jesy Nelson Left

The group also touched on the fact that they talked with her about the issue before leaving them.

Per Little Mix, they also dealt with it and overcame the issues in the best possible way.

"We don't want to talk about the video, or be critical, but one thing we will clarify regarding the Blackfishing situation is that Jesy was approached by the group in a very friendly, educational manner," they went on.

Meanwhile, Nelson has since defended herself and told Vulture she did not mean to offend anyone. Instead, she expressed how much she loves Black culture and music since she grew up on those kinds of things.

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Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj, who appeared on Nelson's video, shared an hour-long Instagram Live Video where she defended the singer.

According to the rapper, there is nothing wrong if a person wants to live and treat their body the way they want to. As long as they are not hurting anybody, everything is fine.

Nelson saw her appearance as the cause of her insecurity especially when the British media called her obese. She revealed that, before joining the band, she was not insecure about anything. However, when they debuted in 2011, she reportedly began comparing herself to others, making herself feel more miserable.

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