When it comes to speculating on the cause of Brian Laundrie's death, police and social media have the same thing in mind. 

Sheriff Kurt Hoffman of Sarasota County believes the fugitive, who is a person of interest in the killing of Gabby Petito, may have died in the Carlton Reserve.

In a police gathering event in Florida, he said (via the Independent), "That guy went out there and by all accounts probably committed suicide and he was right out there where we thought he was."

Brian Laundrie's skeletal remains, together with a notepad and his bag, were discovered on Oct. 20 at a park close to the Carlton Reserve. 

The coroner was able to match the remains using dental records, but the method and time of death could not be confirmed at the time, so the bones were transferred to an anthropologist for additional investigation. 

But it didn't appear like the police were the only ones who felt Brian Laundrie's death was a suicide. 

Twitter users believe the same thing.

According to Twitter user @Rez2283, Brian went to the woods to intentionally kill himself. 

"That is most likely what happened."

The Twitter user further believes that Brian's parents, Chris and Roberta, knew about their son's plan and kept quiet before telling the police. 

"They wouldn't have come and got the mustang and left him stranded if they thought he was alive."

Twitter user @Dr3amer1106 also theorized that perhaps Brian poisoned himself or "OD or maybe hung himself and animals dragged him to the location." 

Brian Laundrie's Parents Knew More

Other Twitter users believe that Brian Laundrie's parents knew more than what they originally let on. 

According to @MisterSpinklz, "You actually believe his parents? And if his parents did tell them the truth from the start (which they didn't), then why didn't they search Myakka Creek and Big Slough in the first place? Did someone try and stall to be sure that his body decomposed first? It's all too suspicious."

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The Police Are Hiding Something

Some Twitter users believe that Brian Laundrie had a gun, but the police and the FBI are being secretive about it, not sharing what they found.

According to @Cookie13131313, "Idk if the Petitos are suing, and that's why they are keeping things on a dl. Or if they screwed up again! They need to go out and do a whole grid sweep of that area."

Whatever people speculate about, they'll have to wait for an official cause of death to be determined because the anthropological findings have yet to be released.

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