Prince Andrew is defending himself by trying to dismiss Virginia Giuffre's civil lawsuit against him, but he has been warned of the potential aftereffects of his move.

Howard Kennedy's partner and UK media law expert Mark Stephens recently warned how the criticisms launched by Prince Andrew's team against Giuffre could blow back.

According to the expert, the filing only opened the possibility of him suffering from further embarrassment.

"He's obviously got fed up with the criticism that he's taken so he has instructed lawyers to engage. The problem of course, is that he's now embarked on a route towards a case," he told The Guardian.

Stephens also referred to the plea deal as evidence that could only prove Prince Andrew's relationship with her despite insisting he never met her.

The same court documents reportedly had nothing but a full offense against Giuffre, with the Duke of York constantly maintaining he was not responsible for any of the case. Amid his claims, the prince would eventually need to explain the meaning behind the image showing him and the accuser.

Another insider told the news outlet that Prince Andrew's allegations only served as a "smokescreen." While he seemingly wanted to tarnish her name, his filing reportedly has no legal effect on what she previously stated.

What Prince Andrew's Filing Stated

On Friday, Prince Andrew's legal team hit back at Giuffre's claims by filing a 36-page motion in pursuit of making the court dismiss the US civil lawsuit his accuser submitted. They forwarded it on the last day of the court's deadline for the royal to answer Giuffre's filing.

The newly-filed documents reportedly contained statements where Prince Andrew and his team went on the offensive by accusing Giuffre of using the case to profit more from it. It also referenced what the New York Daily News reported in 2015, calling the accuser a "money hungry sex kitten."

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The Duke of York also hit back by saying it was Giuffre who recruited girls for the late Jeffrey Epstein.

Despite the accuser's filing, the royal prince is said to be relaxed as Giuffre and Epstein conducted a 2009 settlement agreement where they agreed to absolve the royal from any responsibility in the future.

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