Angelina Jolie apparently texted her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, a mysterious message just before the red carpet premiere of her new film "Eternals."

According to Heat UK magazine, Jolie was overjoyed that her five children were able to attend the premieres of her new Marvel film in London, Rome, and Los Angeles.

Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, and the twins are a family of four. Vivienne, Knox, and the two eldest girls all looked stunning in their suits and gowns, and the two eldest girls wore their mother's old clothes.

The six of them, sans the second oldest, Pax, smiled at the red-carpet premiere as if nothing was going on in their personal lives.

The children's father, on the other hand, sat at home and watched the situation evolve on social media and television.

According to a source, the "Maleficent" actress wrote her ex-husband a cryptic note at the time, letting him know that she and the kids are happy without him.

"Ange has been bouncing with all the accolades she's received from her red-carpet outings."

"She claims it wasn't about rubbing Brad's nose in it," the insider continued, "but everyone knows it gives her a lot of delight to push his buttons and show the public how happy they are without him."

Before her outing with her children, Jolie expressed her desire for her entire family, including her children's father, to recover. However, a source for the outlet said that this was not what she meant.

Poor Brad Pitt?

Angelina Jolie's habit of bringing her children to her film premieres hasn't helped or eased the tensions between her and the "Ad Astra" actor.

"Brad watches all the images of his children being paraded down the red carpet, and it hurts like hell," the insider stated.

"He'd like more one-on-one time with the kids than he's getting now, and the fact that he still has to jump through hoops and argue for restricted visitation privileges makes him sick to his stomach."

"Seeing them standing next to his ex-wife is a genuine kick in the teeth," the source continued.


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The Facts Behind This Rumor

However, the source provided by Heat UK magazine should be taken with a grain of salt.

It's worth noting that Pitt hasn't commented publicly on his ex-and wife's their children's trips, and there's no confirmation that Jolie sent him that text.

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