Wendy Williams previously saddened fans when she announced that a line of celebrities would temporarily host her show until she recovered from her medical woes. However, she's reportedly losing money after being absent on "The Wendy Williams Show" for weeks now; how true is this?

According to a report published by the National Enquirer, the former radio DJ will be completely broke if her popular show gets axed from the network.

Williams' absence from the show is reportedly taking a toll on her medical leave, and she's currently facing a "backlog of expenses" with no income coming from the production.

An insider said the host needs to change the way she spends if everything gets back to normal.

In addition, the source said Williams' current cost of living is "astronomical" as her medical bills are piling up, her staff is also on full pay.

"She's had to dig deep into her pocket to fund private nurses and extra bodyguards," the insider added.

Aside from the expenses mentioned above, she also has multiple mortgages and "regular spousal support" to her ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

If ever she gets out of her current situation, Williams is advised to "downsize her entire life." The insider said she'll be lucky if there's anything left once everything has been paid off.

At the time of this writing, there is still no update whether Williams will go back on the show or not, "No one on her team wants to admit they have no idea when or if she'll be back."

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Wendy Williams Going Broke Issue Debunked

After the issue circulated, Suggest debunked the claims by clarifying that medical care is truly expensive, but Williams has an acceptable reason to spend money.

Furthermore, the outlet mentioned that her show would not be axed anytime soon as "The Wendy Williams Show's" ratings have been skyrocketing over the past few weeks since several celebrities hosted it.

The outlet also noted that the show is doing better today than last year; if the ratings continue to boost, Williams shouldn't be worried.

The host is also earning profit from her own show despite her not hosting.

The abovementioned report failed to specify the exact medical condition that Williams is currently going through. Per Williams' Instagram page, her team said she experienced complications because of her Graves' disease, and they clarified that she will be returning "as soon as she's ready."


There are still no updates on when the host will be returning to her iconic purple chair.

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