Ariana Grande at the Grammy Awards
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Okay, I'll be honest, I've never really "gotten" celebrity makeup lines. Zero shade to anyone who loves them; I just always thought they seemed too high maintenance for me, a gal who frequently puts on her makeup on the subway while scrolling my morning Twitter feed. (This is because I am always late to everything, all the time. I think it might actually be a permanent state of being.)

But the way Ariana Grande describes her vision for R.E.M., her brand new makeup line, might change my mind about all that.

First of all, before we dive into it, we gotta note everything that led to that clever title: R.E.M. references the fact that Ariana Grande, unsure of what to do with this makeup line she'd been offered, had an almost premonition-like dream that very night of exactly what she wanted the line to be like. But it also contains her nickname when you say it aloud - Ari - and in a line that focuses on the drama of what you can say with your eyes, a name derived from the phrase "rapid eye movement" seems more than appropriate.

The first line of makeup Grande is putting out, Chapter One, focuses mainly on the eyes, and unsurprisingly, many of the colors are shiny and sparkly sweet - her favorite one is a dreamy light purple that she interestingly said reminds her of Chuckie Finster. She's also putting out a dramatic precision eyeliner for those who want to mimic her fabulous cat eyes, and two different kinds of mascara, because, as she put it, the mascara you choose is "very personal."

ariana grande's r.e.m. makeup line
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She's also putting out other products, of course - she's very excited about her plumping lipsticks, with a glossy top coat that takes you back to 90s lip glosses (YESSS), and about her lip stain, the practically permanent lip marker. As she told Glamour Magazine: "I've always loved stains more than lip liner or lipstick because I feel like it's going to be there for you. You know, we gotta go, we gotta work. We gotta do things. It doesn't move."

I'm impressed with Ariana's makeup line here because she made it for a babe on the go - the pieces are even sleek and compact, drawing inspiration from Apple products with their minimalist, neutral designs. It feels like it was made for people just like me: Secret high maintenance beauty queens who are too busy to be as extra as they want to be every day. Thanks, Ari!