Tamron Hall just became the new version of Ellen DeGeneres as she reportedly terrorized her show's staff recently.

Although DeGeneres' damaging scandal finally lost its spotlight, Tamron reclaimed it by reportedly abusing the staff of "The Tamron Hall Show."

According to National Enquirer, Hall made a toxic workplace environment for her employees that even the new staff know how cruel she is as a host.

An alleged staff reportedly told the news outlets that the talk show host became tricky enough to abuse everyone freely.

"Tamron's made it clear she's the boss and only her opinion matters. If you disagree, she'll make your life hell," a staff claimed.

With that said, some fans fear she could end up getting canceled, as well, like what DeGeneres faced. For its worth, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" host decided to end her show's contract in 2022. In addition, the allegations also damaged her reputation as a host.

Is Tamron Hall Now Ellen DeGeneres 2.0?

There is no way Hall can be the next DeGeneres. In fact, her show's extension spoke for her recently.

If Hall indeed became abusive to her staff, there would be no way ABC News President Kim Godwin decided for the show to be renewed for the fourth (2022-2023) and fifth (2023-2024) seasons.

"She is a breath of fresh air in daytime, approaching every show and segment with her personal mix of curiosity and compassion. We are delighted to continue this collaboration with Tamron and her stellar team in presenting their distinctive brand of talk to our valued station partners, the Tam Fam and beyond," Godwin said.

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Debra O'Connell, president, Networks, Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution, also applauded her for sharing her personal experience on the show despite being a working mother. In the end, the executive expressed his excitement to continue working with her.

In response to the overwhelming blessings, Hall said she is lucky to be partnered with ABC and be supported by her Tam Fam. She publicly expressed her emotions after learning about the news, as well.

With that said, it is highly unlikely Tamron Hall ever terrorized her staff. Instead of doing such a thing, she continuously inspired people by urging them to dream big through her show.

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