Is Queen Elizabeth II dying because of cancer?

Queen Elizabeth II received another warning from her doctor when she planned to attend Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph. The initial plan also revealed she would miss the Remembrance Festival if she visited the Sunday event.

However, the Queen, unfortunately, missed both events, and sources said the monarch is suffering from cancer that caused her to be warier of her engagements.

Does Queen Elizabeth II Have Cancer?

National Enquirer posted an article this week, claiming Her Majesty is not taking her recent health issues seriously. Though the Palace itself revealed that Queen Elizabeth II was alright after an overnight hospitalization, sources revealed to the magazine that she was diagnosed with leukemia.

The same insiders even claimed that people who knew about the diagnosis started to fear she would not make it through this year.

"The Palace is in panic, but they're downplaying the crisis. Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, are going about their duties and Prince William and Kate even took their three children on vacation. It's their desperate bid to project an 'everything's all right' front. But the truth is Her Majesty is fading fast," the source reportedly said.

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The news outlet even shared a photo of the Queen's hands with what looked like bruises. The sleuths maintained that they were not caused by trauma at all.

While the sources suspected that the Queen has leukemia or lymphoma, others suggested she could also be suffering from takotsubo cardiomyopathy - or broken heart syndrome - after Prince Philip's death.

Is Queen Elizabeth Dying?

Unlike what the news outlet claimed, older women like the Queen tend to suffer from bruises even from minor traumas.

In addition, Prince Charles himself confirmed to the public during an event for the Prince's Trust in London that his mother was alright.

More trustworthy news sites, including Vanity Fair, reported that the Queen suffered from a back injury - not cancer or other serious health issues - before Remembrance Sunday. The monarch also expressed her disappointment as she failed to attend another event again.

For now, Queen Elizabeth II would need to rest for a few more weeks before she might be able to finally return to her usual routines.

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