That sentence alone is enough to make anyone that was a middle school girl in the early 2000s faint.

As the past week has shown us, Taylor Swift cannot be stopped. Her magnetic power that has kept her at the top of the charts for over ten years is only amplified when she teams up with similarly unstoppable Gossip Girl superstar Blake Lively. The singer and the actress teamed up, creating a mega-power team of blonde awesomeness, to create a music video to Taylor Swift's phenominal song I Bet You Think About Me. This song came out with Friday's release of Red (Taylor's Version). The song is from the vault: just another never before heard jewel on an already fantastic album. The highly anticipated music video will mark Lively's directorial debut. After her comprehensive career in front of the camera, the dynamic nuance she brought to the other side is brilliant but not surprising.

  Swift and Lively have been friends for many years. Back in 2015, Lively was accused of "throwing shade" at the singer, but the star quickly cleared up.

Umm whoever thought I was throwin shade clearly doesn't know I have a 'Taylor Swift Please Be My Wife Voo Doo Doll' #obsessed Look how rad she is here making my niece Heather feel like a rock star...Love my Canadian family almost as much as I love Taylor Lively. I mean Swift. Ok, FIIINE we can hyphenate our last names. Xo Blake Swift-Lively 4eva.

I wonder if Ryan Reynolds knows there's this much competition? In a true testimate of friendship, Lively came to support Swift when she appeared on Saturday Night Live for her fifth time on November 13th. Those are some best friend goals.

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Regardless of Renolds, Swift was thrilled to have Lively as the director on this newest project. The mega-talent took to Twitter saying, "SURPRISE! NEW MUSIC VIDEO TOMORROW at 10am ET I finally got to work with the brilliant, brave, & wickedly funny @blakelively on her directorial debut. Join us as we raise a toast, and a little hell." The video depicted in the tweet, whcih was also similarly tweeted out by Lively, perfectly encapsulates the aura of the two stars: beautiful, peaceful looking, but powerful to the point of danger. We are OBSESSED!!

These women are absolute inspirations and have created something unforgettable. BRB. Off to watch I Bet You Think About Me one MILLION times.