Alec Baldwin is only being targeted on what happened on the "Rust" set because of his political views, his brother Daniel said.

The investigation into what happened on the "Rust" set continues to be underway, but some people suggested Baldwin should take responsibility for what happened.

In response to this, the actor's brother, Daniel, said that those people only said such a thing because of Baldwin's political views. The 61-year-old actor insisted that Baldwin should not be held accountable for the accidental death of Halyna Hutchins and an injury of Joel Souza.

During the Monday episode of "The Domenick Nati Show," Nati asked Daniel whether he believes his brother is being attacked over the incident, to which he replied that he does.

"You know Alec's got the name though, doesn't he? So let's take go ahead and take Alec him for his political views and the many, many wonderful things he's done for his charities and people and his wife and let's see if we can't sensationalize this," Daniel said, as quoted by Fox News.

Alec Baldwin's brother added that the actor only faces allegations because of the things not related to the case. Per Daniel, Baldwin's past opinion and staunch views made people blame him immediately despite the event being accidental.

Daniel claimed people who wanted to persecute Baldwin and his wife saw the event as an opportunity to take advantage of him. Hilaria Baldwin's issues about heritage also ignited the problems even more.

Daniel Baldwin Blames ONE Person Over Tragedy

During the same interview, the actor said he fired more rounds on movie sets than his 63-year-old brother did.

Still, he put all the blame on "Rust" armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed. Daniel maintained the armorer should take responsibility for the recent firearm disaster.

Daniel added that Dave Halls, the first assistant director, is also to blame. For what it's worth, several news outlets confirmed Halls checked the gun before handing it to Baldwin and telling him it was a cold one.

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"This guy took that weapon and went on to announce out loud so that everyone on the planet know that the weapon was safe and the weapon was 'cold.' Why would you ever make that announcement if you can't verify that that's a fact? Now we've got someone injured and we've got someone who is gone," he went on.

Halls' announcement of the firearm being a cold gun ultimately absolves Baldwin, per Daniel.

Authorities are yet to file a wrongful death lawsuit to any of the people involved on the "Rust" set.

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