Princess Diana reportedly suffered from the mistreatment of a paparazzi as the media staff used the royal princess' pictures to "get rich."

Before Princess Diana's death, she became the most photographed woman in the world. When she became part of the royal family, she immediately changed what a royal should look like and became a style icon for years until her untimely death.

Years after the tragic incident occurred, a new documentary revealed once-unknown details about Princess of Wales and her nightmare as she dealt with paparazzi.

Princess Diana Suffered Because Of Paparazzi

Channel 4's "Diana: Queen of Style" shows all Princess Diana's most famous looks through the years. Cyrus of Catherine Walker & Co, Joanna Osbourne, Jacques Azagury, Elizabeth Emanuel, and more appeared in the documentary.

Richard Kay, Daily Mail's royal correspondent, commented and revealed how Princess Diana and her life became a big story.

"She sold photographs around the world in huge, colossal numbers. She was an industry, a one-woman industry if you like, and there were a lot of photographers who got rich, just photographing Princess Diana," he said.

Meanwhile, The Sun newspaper's former royal photographer, Arthur Edwards, compared the attention to "being addicted to drug." Since Princess Diana took over the spotlight, the paparazzi began capturing her photos all the time as she looked like "a million dollars."

How Princess Diana Tried To Cope With Fame

While she became the most popular royal princess, the Princess of Wales herself reportedly could not understand why she received such an amount of interest.

"Yes, I was very daunted because as far as I was concerned I was a fat, chubby, 20-year-old, 21-year-old, and I couldn't understand the level of interest," she once said.

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Amid all the media scrutiny she also received, most people loved her so much that she gave her the nickname People's Princess.

But on the night of Princess Diana's death, what was supposed to be a peaceful night turned into chaos when an alarming number of paparazzi followed her.

British investigator Lord John Stevens, who led the inquiry into Diana's death, said: "Because of the attention of the paparazzi during the journey, Dodi al Fayed instructed his chauffeur to drive instead to the Ritz Hotel."

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