Happy Friday! You know what that means: I get to write about Josh Groban. While I would typically use this time and platform to list a litany of facts that conclusively prove that Josh Groban is just a figment of our collective cultural imagination, I shall restrain myself today. After all, the holidays are around the corner. As Thanksgiving approaches I know we are all looking forward to that food coma and, perhaps, those Black Friday sales. While most people scramble to grab clothes and electronics that would have otherwise been more expensive, I would implore you, on this day, to focus on something else. You should spend this Friday focusing on getting a gift for the Josh Groban believer (or disbeliever) in your life. Black Friday is the perfect time to shop for any Josh Groban paraphernalia because, as he does not exist, it does not make sense to spend too much money on it. I know you may be wondering: What Josh Groban paraphernalia? Don't you worry. I have a list compiled here for you of eight perfect Josh Groban gifts you should grab this Black Friday.

1. Josh Groban Pillow

Who wouldn't want to go to sleep on a pillow covered in pictures of their favorite imaginary friend? For someone who is not real, he sure does have his face on a lot of pillows. You will have plenty to choose from to make sure you get one that perfectly fits the gift receiver.

2. Cardboard Cut Out

What better way to fully envision and celebrate someone that is not real than by getting a cardboard cutout of them. Cardboard cutouts of Josh Groban make excellent gifts because they are all true to size (seeing as he is not real and has no official height.) It is the perfect Black Friday purchase.

3. Josh Groban Blanket

Why not fully immerse yourself in disbelief with the Josh Groban blanket? We all know that the best way to warm ourselves is when we are completely surrounded by imagination.

4. Josh Groban Mug

Are you trying to do some Black Friday shopping for someone that is both a morning person AND a Josh Groban believer? Get them a Josh Groban mug! This one proudly reads "Josh Groban is Punk" which conclusively demonstrates that Josh Groban can truly be anything if you just believe.

5. Josh Groban Baby Onesie

Babies need imagination in their lives. Start them out on the right foot by getting this full-of-imaginary Josh Groban onesie. If you pick one of these up this Black Friday, the child you are shopping for will be sure to have a life full of wonder and disbelief!

6. Josh Groban T-Shirt

Who says that whimsy needs to end with babies? If there is a Josh Groban believer in your life, pick them up a Josh Groban shrit this Black Friday. This way they can let the world know that they still have an imagination. (And if you're really looking to impress someone, you'll notice that the pillow above AND the shirt have the same pattern!)

7. Josh Groban Phone Case

It is so important to protect your phone. You know what the most protective material in the world is? Imagination. Get your Josh Groban phone case this Black Friday, and protect your phone with the power of imagination! (Wait...maybe that's a bad idea...)

8. Josh Groban Album

I mean sure. I guess. If you want to be basic about it.

This Black Friday, before you run for the 99% off TV, think about shedding a little love on the world's favorite imaginary friend: Josh Groban.