The holiday season is upon us and Black Friday is right around the corner. That, we know, is the best day to get all of your holiday shopping done. That leaves only one major problem at hand. That involves knowing what you are getting everyone on your holiday wish list. Well, if you are shopping for a major cinephile, you are in luck! Here are eight gifts that you should get for the movie and TV lover in your life!

1. Wes Anderson Book

If you know a major Wes Anderson fan, make sure you get them this Wes Anderson: The Iconic Filmmaker and His Work book. The colorful book is filled with in depth analysis of each of the artist's iconic films. The movie lover in your life will, it!

2. Unpaid Movie Critic Mug

We all have that friend that both loves movies and has a LOT of opinion. Why not get them this mug so that they can sip other hot beverages while giving their uncompensated opinions.

3. Scary Movie Pillow

You know the friend that both loves and hates scary movies? This Black Friday get them this Scary Movie Pillow so that they can enjoy their favorite movies and feel protected from them at the same time.

4. Movie Quotes Shirt

When every other word out of your friend's mouth is a quote from a movie, regardless of how absurd or unknown the movie is, this is the gift for them. Pick up this shirt on Black Friday for your friend. It will give new people they are speaking to fair warning.

5. Movie Card Game

Everyone loves a game that they know they can win. Grab this card game for the cinephile in your life. Beware, the chances you will be playing this game every time you see them are very high.

6. Movie Poster

You can never go wrong with an artsy movie poster. Regardless of your favorite movie lover's favorite movie, there is definitely one out there for them.

7. Movie Snack Box

A movie is only as good as the snacks you eat during it. Many a movie lover may disagree with that statement, but they will still love a movie snack box purchased especially for them!

8. Movie Socks

Or, of course, you could get these very bossy socks.
With a gift prep list like this, you are definitely ready for Black Friday this year! Happy shopping!