Brian Laundrie's parents Chris and Roberts, were spotted hiking in the park where his remains were discovered in October.

The Laundries spent three hours in Myakkahatchee Creek park in North Port, Florida park, a month after helping law enforcement discover the remains for their son, as well as his belongings, after a significant amount of water drained in the swampy area.

As soon as the pictures were published online, social media immediately gave their thoughts on why they could be there.

Twitter user @isabel_r1314 suggested, "Am I the only one who thinks the parents killed Brian?"

@marlev54633881responded, "I agree with you 100%."

"And the parents went to look for the gun, so they can hide it from the cops and FBI."

As previously reported, when Brian Laundrie's remains were discovered, the gun was missing at the scene. The same gun he may have used when he shot himself in the dead.

However, a Twitter user @RubyMegalodon disagreed, citing that there isn't even evidence that the parents killed Brian Laundrie.

Some Twitter users believe that Gabby Petito's fiancé's parents may have planted evidence why they went to that park, while others think Chris and Roberta were leaving some things for their son, who is alive and hiding.

@USANOW14 said, "Probably leaving food for their son. I bet the coroner falsified the DNA samples and he's still on the run. Or left something behind. A valuable clue, a map, a note indicating where he's bound."


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Brian Laundrie's Parents Defended by Social Media Users

Some social media users say that the media and everybody else should just let Chris and Roberta Laundrie live their lives quietly.

@JohnMHenry8 tweeted that some shouldn't overanalyze things. "WTF Many people hike for exercise or joy."

@DredgenQ added, "Dude just leave them alone. It's a tragic tale and their son was a dirt bag who got what he deserved. End of story."

However, one Twitter user had the perfect explanation for why the Laundries may have returned to the place where they last saw their son's body.

@Howardethan2002 explained, "I could see parents of anyone that kills themselves going to the place where it happened in disbelief or trying to get closer or understanding of why and what was so special about that place."

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