Wendy Williams appeared in public again amid her hiatus from "The Wendy Williams Show."

The Queen of Talk Shows currently battles against several health issues and continues to take all the rest she needs to recover. Although she has not updated her fans for weeks, Williams took away their worries through her recent public outing.

A newly emerged video shows Williams leaving a Miami wellness center this week. Her chauffeur assisted her as they exited the building, while two other people followed and aided them from behind.

The talk show queen sported her red Versace bathrobe but opted to walk without her shoes on.

Despite her personal struggles, she was bombarded with questions before she was able to enter her car. One reported asked her opinion about "The Wendy Williams Show" getting canceled.

Although she did not directly answer the question, she assured everyone that "Wendy is doing fabulous." The reporter also informed her that people hope she feels way better soon, to which she expressed her gratitude.

Before driving off, she pledged to offer "much more Wendy stuff" once she got back.

Wendy Williams Health Issues

For years, she publicly showed worsening health conditions as she battles against the autoimmune illness Graves' disease.

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases' website explains that the disease can cause severe problems if left untreated.

The Sun once reported that the talk show host has been suffering from early-onset dementia. However, her younger brother Tommy dismissed the claims.

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"We haven't had any alerts like that and I haven't seen anything like that or have had conversations with her that would lead me to believe that," he said. "My dad speaks with Wendy frequently. So no, we don't have any concerns concerning her mental state. It's all physical."

Williams also made fans worry when she fainted on-air in October 2017 when she wore a Statue of Liberty costume for Halloween. At that time, she confessed she got overheated in her costume.

Because of these continuous health scare, Williams decided to have a slate of guest hosts to replace her on "The Wendy Williams Show" throughout November. With her current status, it is highly likely that she would extend her leave to prioritize her health.

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