Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are expected to spend Christmas together, according to reports. 

"Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" came up with the clever idea of spending the holidays with the "Friends" actress, according to OK magazine's December 13 edition. 

Jennifer allegedly answered "yes" to his amazement. 

"They've locked up a ton of fun events with pals and plan on co-hosting a major tree-trimming celebration at Jen's place to get the good times rolling," an insider told the site. 

"Because they're both single and in town, they think hanging together is a no-brainer, if not a touch romantic." 

According to the source, the "Murder Mystery" actress also invited Angelina Jolie's ex-husband to join her and her pals for Thanksgiving, and he accepted. 

Brad reportedly connected with Courteney Cox, Laura Dern, and Jason Bateman, according to the publication.

"It's one of the year's most exclusive parties," the insider claimed. Jen really opens up the guest list at this point, inviting a who's who of A-listers."

"Brad's proudly sober but plans on whipping up a non-boozy punch," they continued. He enjoys being occupied." 

Brad Pitt is also thankful for Jennifer Aniston's assistance during his ongoing custody battle with the actress from "Eternals." 

He is said to be relieved that he has at least one supporter, even referring to that support as a "gift." 

Jen is regarded as "very levelheaded and realistic with suggestions" by an insider. 

Jennifer was also capable of making her ex-husband giggle. 

"He's got Jen's back when she's going through a bad patch." Knowing he was keeping an eye on her altered everything. Jen has a sense of safety and security."

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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Will Spend Christmas Together: The Truth 

Several sites reported that the former power couple, who were married for about five years until 2005, will be spending the holidays together every Christmas season. 

They've all reported something as false as this, despite the fact that none of them could back up their assertions. 

Because they aren't dating, it doesn't appear like they have any incentive to celebrate Christmas together. 

Despite their friendship, they would not spend a significant holiday together because they had family to celebrate with.

It also isn't true that they spent Thanksgiving together. 

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