Queen Elizabeth II's life could be in danger as a wolf or a bear might attack her anytime soon.

In the past weeks, environmentalist Chris Packham has demanded the royal family to rewild its estates. He delivered a document signed by 100,000 people who ask the royals to improve their land's ecological condition.

"This is a time for action. The time for talking is finished. We're in desperate trouble and if they were to embrace this prior to the Cop, think what a message that would send to the world. They're in a very powerful position to do something very powerful. I think it's time to step up," he said, as quoted by The Guardian.

However, former Tory minister Lord Marland dismissed the idea and said that it would increase the risk of the Queen getting attacked by a bear or wolf on one of the royal family's estates.

Lord Marland recently speak in the House of Lords (per The Mirror) where he raised his and others' concerns about the wildlife presenter's demand.

He added that Packham's plans have so many holes that he also fears the future of the countryside.

As of the writing, the Buckingham Palace has not commented on the recent issue yet.

Why Royal Family's Move Is Important

Among all the landowning families in the UK, the royal family has the biggest pieces of lands that are being held by the duchies of Lancaster, Cornwall, and Queen Elizabeth II herself.

According the rewilding campaign group Wild Card's calculations, the royals has more than 323,748 hectares (800,000 acres) of land.

"That's a very large amount of land," said Packham. "And quite a lot of it is not in what I would call good ecological condition."

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He cited Balmoral as an example, saying a 20,234-hectare estate could turn into a temperate rainforest. However, it is currently a venue for grouse shooting and deer stalking.

Meanwhile, a Royal Estates spokesperson already spoke on behalf of the Palace and the Queen, saying that the royal family is committed to conservation and biodiversity. In fact, several members - especially Prince Charles - focus on developing and preserving ecosystems.

"The royal estates are constantly evolving and looking for new ways to continue improving biodiversity, conservation and public access to green spaces, as well as being home to thriving communities and businesses which form part of the fabric of the local community," the statement went on.

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