Meryl Streep has officially cemented herself as the GOAT in the eyes of the public, ironically, by not knowing what GOAT stands for.

Most people today know that GOAT stands for Greatest of All Time, a catch-all acronym reserved for only the biggest and best stars in a respected genre or field. There are many things that make a GOAT, but the true test is how that person reacts to being called the GOAT - because a true GOAT does not obsess over, or even really think about, their GOATness. They just keep on doing their thing.

Most people were already well aware that Meryl Streep truly is one of the greatest actors of all time - so much so that her Don't Look Up co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Jonah Hill felt more than comfortable openly referring to her as such on set. What's hilarious is that the entire time, Meryl Streep apparently had no clue what the term meant - she thought the 30-somethings were simply referring to her as, in her words, "an old goat."

This finally came out during a photoshoot with Jennifer Lawrence, who said something like "the GOAT will stand there." Streep, finally calling out what she thought was a familial jab, tossed back, "oh just tell the old goat where to stand..." Only then did Lawrence finally get the opportunity to correct the misunderstanding.

The story was first told at a press conference, on the same junket where the photoshoot took place:

Don't worry though, Streep wasn't offended. According to Jonah Hill in an interview on The Tonight Show, she is actually one of the coolest people he's worked with, including about the "goat" situation:

And just to prove she's cool, she even made a goat sound at the end of their interview on The Today Show:

Don't Look Up, a comedy disaster also starring Leonardo DiCaprio, about a pair of astronomers who discover that a comet is hurtling towards Earth, premieres in theaters this Friday, December 10. It will be available to stream on Netflix on Christmas Eve.