Elyse Myers is saying what needs to be said. The famous and hilarious TikToker is known for taking to the video app to share her wacky misadventures and comedically awkward stories, but today was not one of those days.

Today, Myers took to her platform to talk about the body shaming she experienced as a young kid, the inappropriate way in which people in her life treated her, and what she ultimately took away from it.

She opens the video sharing: "It's no secret that as a child, specifically as a middle schooler, I was a little bit round...Was I ashamed of that? No. Other people seemed to be."

She goes on to discuss a litany of inappropriate comments made in refrence to her size. "And now I know, as an adult, that that says way more about the people commenting on my apperance than it did on my appearance at all."

 Myers recounts an inappropriate experience she once had with a male substitute teacher:

I had a male, substitute teacher overhear me talking to another group of students about how, one day, I wanted to be a cheerleader. He felt the need to walk up to walk up to us, cut me off and say, 'I need to save you from yourself. You would be much more better suited in color gaurd or marching band or wrestling, but not in a cheerleading outfit.' The audacity of a man to walk up to a seventh grade girl, in front of her friends, and comment on her apperance in any way is disgusting. I met that man for one hour, when I was like 11, and I am 28, still undoing the damage that that one sentence had on my life.  

She goes on to emplore people to recognize how powerful their words are.

"We have to teach people how to speak kindly about themselves, how to love themselves, and see themselves as beautiful, and worthy, and more than just what they look like."

This is a beautiful and powerful statement. We are so glad that Elyse Myers decided to use her platform to share this important message.