Ben Affleck is allegedly looking forward to welcoming a new member of his family into the house he lives with Jennifer Aniston.

Lopez's mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, has lately moved in with the newly rekindled pair, according to Star magazine.

Though most individuals might be concerned about having their potential mother-in-law at home, the "Gone Girl" star is said to be the polar opposite.

After all, Affleck and Rodriguez are rumored to be good friends.

"They adore having her around," one source told the magazine. She's always going out of her way to make their place feel like a home."

"Lupe had a thing for J. Lo wanted to marry him and was heartbroken when they initially broke up. She'd want to see them finally tie the knot."

Rodriguez is said to have prepared a plethora of Spanish meals for the newlyweds.

"She's preparing them beautiful Latin foods like fried pork chops, rice, and vegetables," the insider continued. The kitchen smells delicious and welcoming. When they need some alone time, she doesn't hover."


Is Ben Affleck A Douchebag?

Ben Affleck's buddies are allegedly furious with him for blaming Jennifer Garner for his failed marriage.

According to the National Enquirer, the "Batman v. Superman" star's closest pals think he's a jerk for expressing his frustration with his marriage to the former "Alias" actress.

Affleck also stated that if Garner didn't go through with the divorce, he would still be drinking.

"He comes out as a real jackass for saying those things about poor Jen when everyone knows it's not really her fault he was drinking so much," a source told the magazine.

"He'll try to explain his statements by saying his words were taken out of context," the insider said, "but he was on the radio, and the tape speaks for itself."

Friends of the ex-couple say Garner went above and beyond what was required of her to make sure Affleck was okay.

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The Facts Behind These Rumors

However, these stories should be taken with a grain of salt. Jennifer Lopez's mother did not move in with her and Ben Affleck, according to reports.

She also has no need to stay with her daughter because she has a house.

Furthermore, while Affleck did say those things about Jennifer Garner, there is no evidence that his pals are labeling him a douchebag, despite the fact that his comment was a douchebag thing to do and say.

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