Fans have been swooning over Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's relationship ever since they reconciled last year and have been attending red carpet events together; however, one report suggests that there's something odd behind their relationship, and their friends don't like what has been happening behind closed doors; could this be true?

According to a report published by OK! Magazine, the power couple is doing their best to remain in their "honeymoon phase."

Sources revealed they are reportedly crazy about each other and do everything to keep their relationship burning.

To do this, they constantly updated each other and wanted to meet whenever either of them was not busy with work.

Whenever they are away, the "Hit on the Floor" songstress is reportedly always buying new lingerie to take a picture and send it to her significant other.

To put the same effort as Lopez, Affleck is doing his best to change his lifestyle entirely by working out, following fitness routines, and even matching his daily food intake to his girlfriend.

"Ben's happy to do it, but it wouldn't be happening if it weren't for Jen," the insider said.

However, despite all the claims mentioned above, there's one thing that the couple's friends are not happy about, and they think it went a little too far.

Ben Affleck is reportedly required to "FaceTime Jen every night before bed." But the source assured fans that the two are just grateful for getting a second chance in love.

"They're not taking anything for granted!" the insider concluded.

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The Truth Behind Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck's Relationship

Suggest debunked the claims by saying it's hard to know the true intention of the story.

The outlet noted that the "sources" aren't reliable, and they failed to give substantial evidence to support their claims.

In addition, the magazine noted that the two are "affectionate, communicative" and set their busy work schedules aside to talk to each other.

The outlet noted that the abovementioned pieces of information are signs of a healthy relationship, contrary to the report's claims, which is "over the top rules."

Furthermore, the outlet mentioned that the magazine shouldn't speculate on what's happening behind the couple's relationship as it's none of the public's business.

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