It seems like Julia Fox and Kanye West are getting to know each other as the former recently revealed how it's like to spend time with the rapper during their date nights in Miami, Florida, and New York City; are they an official couple?

Speaking to Interview Magazine, the actress opened up about her great date nights with the 44-year-old Billionaire.

She mentioned that they had an "instant connection" after meeting each other in Miami during New Year's Eve.

While they were at the party, Fox said West entertained her and her friends, and he made them laugh, dance, and smile throughout the evening.

 After partying in Florida, the two decided to "keep the energy going" and went to New York City to watch the three-act play titled "Slave Play."

The "Uncut Gems" actress also gushed about the rapper's punctuality as he landed in the big apple at around six, and he made it to the 7 p.m show.

Following this, the two went on a date night at one of her favorite restaurants, Carbone.

While having dinner, West decided to have an impromptu photoshoot despite people dining around them.

The evening did not end there as he later surprised Fox with "an entire hotel suite full of clothes." (via Daily Mail UK)

The actress described it as "every girl's dream come true," and it "felt like a real Cinderella moment."

Until now, Fox is still confused about how West pulled off the last-minute surprises on time. She also questioned whether his move happens "on a second date or any date."

Kanye West, Julia Fox's Intimate Photoshoot

Aside from her interview, the magazine also shared numerous snaps of the two having fun in their hotel room.

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The pair can be seen being sweet and affectionate. In some photos, they even shared a kiss while embracing each other.

Julia Fox Not the Only Girl Kanye West is Dating?

Since Kim Kardashian filed for divorce almost a year ago, Kanye West's dating life has been complicated.

Per the outlet, West also had an intimate time with Puerto Rican singer Audri Nix in Miami on January 1.

And less than a day after West and Fox spent a romantic date night in New York City, he also spent time with the singer in a private property.

At the time of this writing, Kanye West has not publicly confirmed whether he's in a romantic relationship with Julia Fox or Audri Nix.

On the other hand, Kim Kardashian remains mum on the matter.

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