Virginia Giuffre is suing Prince Andrew, alleging that she was forced to have intercourse with him three times when she was underage. 

Her accusations were refuted by the 61-year-old Duke of York. 

He is said to be receiving no allowances from Queen Elizabeth II or Prince Charles' duchy after stepping down from his positions. 

However, who is paying for Prince Andrew's legal bills to get him out of jail if he is involved in a legal struggle and the matter is scheduled to go to court in New York? 

Queen Elizabeth II, according to claims, is not supporting his "favorite" son in paying his rising expenses.

Indeed, he is alleged to be attempting to force the sale of his $20 million Swiss chalet in order to cover his rising expenses. 

The Duke's attempt to sell his luxury chalet comes following reports that he may be compelled to pay Virginia $5 million in an out-of-court settlement. 

However, a source informed the Mirror UK that Prince Andrew might reach a "important" out-of-court deal at the eleventh hour to avoid more harm to his image.

The source added, "It is crunch time for Andrew on several fronts. He is meeting all the costs himself so he needs to raise cash fast to pay bills which are increasing by the day."

If Prince Andrew could settle, it is reportedly a good option, but "it is in no doubt that the Queen would not assist him in doing so." 

Senior royals, including Prince Charles and Prince William, were said to be incensed by rumors that the monarchy would cover Prince Andrew's legal expenses.

The source went on to say, "They are both of the opinion that Andrew can sort out his own mess."

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While Prince Andrew has disputed Virginia Giuffre's charges, claiming that he has no recollection of meeting her, he is said to know that the matter going to a civil trial might be disastrous for the British monarchy. 

Despite his desire to vindicate his identity, a financial settlement can be reached. 

According to an individual with knowledge to the Duke's legal procedures, no financial settlement has yet been discussed.

However, because most civil action in the United States is settled outside of court, that alternative is always accessible. 

If Virginia accepts the settlement, the Duke of York's sole option for paying a compensation would be to sell the Chalet Helora, which Prince Andrew and ex-wife Sarah Ferguson bought years ago. 

There was a prospective buyer in September, but it fell through or was put on hold, but Prince Andrew is now attempting to push it through since he'll need the money to pay his trial.

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