Winston Duke is using his platform to amplify the voices of Black women, and it's catchy as hell.

Actor Winston Duke, best known for his role as M'Baku in Marvel's Black Panther, is using his celebrity to help signal boost the message that Black women don't deserve to have to be the educators about Black hair and other race-specific subjects.

The actor reposted this TikTok video from creator PiffMarti, entitled simply "Black Hair," about the invasive questions Black women often get asked about their hair or how they're choosing to style it from friends, coworkers, or random people getting judgemental on the internet.

"Every Black person, Black woman, Black girl, deserves the same privelages as our peers. So we deserve to go to work and to not be attacked. We deserve to get an education and to not be attacked. And we deserve to go to dinner with friends and not be the expected to be the educator of all things Black hair, Black history, Black haircare."

PiffMarti is a very talented rapper and creator who makes music videos to try to educate others on many subjects other than Black hair specifically, as well. Another of his popular TikToks, Boys Do Cry, talks about the importance of going to therapy and learning to manage and accept your emotions and deal with childhood trauma.

@piffmarti Reply to @jayonthemic BOYS DO CRY #mentalhealth #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawarenessmonth ♬ Boys Do Cry - Extended Version - Piff Marti  

He even made a step-by-step video to show new creators how to make their own:

  @piffmarti HOW TO SHOOT YOUR OWN MUSIC VIDEOS #music #musicvideos #film ♬ Boys Do Cry. - Piff Marti  

Piffmarti is definitely a channel to watch, especially if you're someone who's concerned about self care and social issues. His advice is sound: Treat Black women like you would literally anyone else and don't ask invasive questions about their hair unprompted. (Also, if you had a messed up childhood, you should do therapy about it.)