Disney has already collected Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot for the roles of Snow White and the Evil Queen (respectively) for their upcoming live-action remake of their first ever full-length animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Now, they've also added actor Andrew Burnap, a relative unknown in Hollywood (but an Tony-award winning actor on Broadway), to the cast list.

Burnap has appeared as a guest in several popular shows, including Younger with Hillary Duff (playing character Topher Clarke in one episode) and Christine Baranski's The Good Fight. He also did the voiceovers for the character Laramies in the video game Red Dead Redemption II. He got his Tony for Best Lead Actor in a Play in 2020, when he played Toby Darling in The Inheritence.

Interestingly, the actor is reportedly not playing the role of The Prince or The Huntsman in the film, leaving many wondering what plans Disney has in store for the plot of this remake. Given how attractive he is, he is probably not going to be playing one of the seven dwarves (though we're sure that would be fun too), so the only logical conclusion is that Disney will be inventing an entirely new character for this revamp of their old classic.

It makes sense to do: The original male characters in this film are not much more than stand-ins, more plot devices than people; they don't even have real names. (Okay, fine, neither does the Evil Queen, but that feels more like a Choice.) Plus, a new character could bring some new audience interest to a story that many simply overlook when discussing Disney's animated anthology.

Film production of the live-action Snow White is scheduled to begin later this year.