Prince Charles was previously criticized for his infidelity when he was still married to the late Princess Diana. Today, the future monarch has been married to Camilla Parker Bowles since 2005, and one report suggests that the Prince has feelings for another woman leading his wife to be anxious; could this be true?

According to a report published by New Idea, the Duchess of Cornwall is not happy with how her husband is catching feelings for Dame Judi Dench.

The future king of the United Kingdom and the actress have maintained a good friendship through the years, but the magazine suggests that there is a romantic connection between the two.

The insider reveals, "Charles is pretty open with the fact he thinks Judi is the cream of the British acting crop, and he's proud to say they've been close for years."

Prince Charles has also been gushing about the "Quantum of Solace" actress as he's telling everyone how "marvelous" she is.

He also told the story to the Duchess, but she's not entirely happy because of her jealousy.

Despite the Prince of Wales' admiration, sources reveal that the actress would likely have "found it hilarious" as there's no ongoing romance between them.

"Charles continues to admire Judi loudly, and that will never change, but at least now Camilla knows it's all totally innocent," the source concludes.

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The Truth Behind Prince Charles, Judi Dench, Duchess Camilla

Suggest later debunked the story by pointing out the actual score between the Prince and Judi Dench. They noted that the two may have been friends for a while, but the actress is also close with the Duchess of Cornwall.

Camilla and Dame Judi previously went to Osborne House together, one of Queen Victoria's homes when she was still alive.

The actress previously portrayed the former monarch in the film "Victoria and Abdul," which tackles the friendship of the Queen and her servant.

In addition, a few months ago, Dench sat down to promote the Duchess' book club titled "Duchess of Cornwall's Reading Room."

The outlet noted that the two had been very good friends, and there's no truth behind the actress' flirtatious relationship with Prince Charles.

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