US skier George McQuinn faced a tragic accident while participating in the FIS Freestyle World Cup event.

McQuinn's horrifying crash that knocked him out was caught on the now-viral video. In the clip, the Team USA racer was attempting to make his last jump of the course when he suddenly hit his head before his body shambled, sliding him down with his stomach and face first.

Medical professionals available at the scene immediately responded to him and removed the athlete from the course. While the accident looked life-threatening, US Freestyle team communications liaison Lara Carlton informed The Salt Lake Tribune that McQuinn regained consciousness after rescuing him.

He also sought medical evaluation soon after the incident.

Despite the worrying crash, McQuinn set a new record as he was the only American man to appear at the super final in the World Cup moguls races at Deer Valley on Thursday. He is also part of Team USA's Olympic qualifier.

McQuinn set the record of being the third-highest scorer in the six-man super final after scoring much of the 16-man final.

George McQuinn Updates Fans With Current Health Status

Following his crash, McQuinn shared an update to his fans, showing red cuts on his face which he sustained after the accident. Still, he gave them a thumbs-up sign and assured them he was okay.

He also shared a photo of his helmet, thanking its "technology" that saved him from suffering more serious injury and damage.

While he already confirmed he was doing good, fans who saw his performance sent him well wishes following the crash.

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One said, "Just watched the FIS mogul event in Deer Valley. Man I hope George Mcquinn is ok. He had such a good one going.. so hard to see."

Another applauded Mikael Kingsbury's interview where he wished his rival the best.

"Kingsbury is a class act. He summed how everyone felt watching that race - the results didn't matter the health of George McQuinn was first & foremost on everyone's mind," the user said.

In a report shared by New York Post, Kingsbury sent him well wishes as he expressed his desire to ski with him in the future.

"This one is for him," Kingsbury said. "I know this was his first super final. He's an exciting skier with a bright future. I just hope he's OK and we get to ski in a super final in the future together."

The event served as Team USA's final qualifier for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.

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