Is Willie Nelson preparing for his death instead of his 89th birthday this year?

Nelson has been making his family members worried as he still works hard even now that he is already 88. But the singer seemingly shows signs he is nearing his deathbed by preparing his children to take over his businesses.

National Enquirer recently reported that Nelson does not want his cannabis company to go bankrupt once he dies. So, in order to ensure its survival, he is now teaching them to run the company. He shares nine kids with four women, and he hopes they will help him keep his cannabis line in the industry.

Unfortunately, he needs to do things quickly as his health has reportedly taken a turn in the past few months, and everything about him gets worse already. Previously, he already suffered from breathing problems as a result of his decades of smoking and drinking.

"He won't be around forever. That's one of the reasons he's been inviting his kids on the road with him, to teach them everything he can. When he goes it'll be on his terms, with cannabis oil and a smile on his face!" an unnamed source said.

The same news outlet previously said that the musician was suffering from aches and pains all over his body. It reportedly forced him to stop smoking cannabis.

Despite that, he reported does not want to quit the road that he would rather die on stage than stop performing.

What's Up With Willie Nelson?

Nelson is a few months away from his 89th birthday, but it does not mean that his health is already deteriorating.

In fact, his "age does not matter" as he still plans to hold concerts this year. He is also frequently seen with his children not because he informs them about his last will, but because they are also musicians.

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He is also scheduled to visit several stops to perform in front of his fans, including CMA Theater in Nashville, Saenger Theater in New Orleans, 713 Music Hall in Houston, Majestic Theatre in San Antonio, and Peoria Civic Center in Peoria.

In addition, he assured his fans he has been working on himself to improve his health.

"I wrote a song called "Pay for the Day." You've got to do something to pay for the day. I get up, I jog a little bit. I do little workouts, and singing is good too, for my lungs. That's another thing that my entire body misses [during the quarantine]," he told Parade.

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