X-Men: Days of Future Past director, Bryan Singer, teased fans with an aggressive Mystique still on Twitter.

The photo, posted on Wednesday, shows the mutant's blue leg kicking a man in the throat. The strength of her mighty kick is understood from the man's pained look. Some fans were so excited by the photo, that they tweeted Singer urging him to post more. Others said they "can't wait" for the upcoming film.

Mystique is played by Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. Unlike her costume in 2011's X-Men: First Class, Lawrence's disguise is no longer made from body paint, which would take approximately seven hours to apply. In the sequel, the actress simply sports a blue body suit.

"I'm so excited because I'm going to wear a body suit," she told E Online in February about her costume. "It will be from neck down so it will cut out time and the blisters."

The teaser of Mystique, isn't the first X-Men still that Singer has posted for fans.

Earlier in July, he tweeted a photo displaying a few of the cast members filming in an environment that he called "the countryside." A car is also in the shot with a license plate that reads "U-Lucky."

Hugh Jackman's character, Wolverine, and the Beast, played by Nicholas Hoult, are visible in the shoot. The two characters were also photographed together in another scene back in May. Singer uploaded that photo on Twitter as well, with the caption, "Welcome to 1973."

A month prior, Hoult was also photographed as Beast while filming in Montreal. In the specific scene, his character is seen fighting Magneto, who is played by actor Michael Fassbender.

Hoult previously spoke about his character's wild transformation in a 2011 interview with BleedingCool.com.

"Before the transformation, when I'm just Hank, that's me and there's some CGI on the feet and toes. And then, once the transformation to Beast takes place, that's four hours of make-up and prosthetics with a full mask and wigs and fur and a big rubber muscle suit," she said. "That's quite a transformation."

X-Men: Days of Future Past will be released on May 23, 2014, just in time for Memorial Day weekend.