Actress Jamie Lee Curtis had a scare yesterday when she got in a car accident in Venice, Calif., landing herself a quick visit to the hospital before doctors gave her the ok to leave. 

E! News reported on Aug. 2 that the LAPD confirmed that at 10:10 a.m. Curtis was riding in a limo when it was hit by another vehicle at the intersection of Rose Avenue and Pacific Avenue.

The Halloween star reportedly complained that she was in pain, so she was brought to a local hospital. E! News reported that authorities said no crime was committed. 

"Jamie was indeed a passenger in a car involved in a collision this a.m.," Curtis' representatives reportedly told E! News. "She went to the hospital to be checked out, but she is fine and is home resting."

The actress may have gotten some help on the scene from a fellow celebrity. 

TMZ reported today that Curtis apparently called her friend Jodie Foster to come help her. Though photos from the scene show a woman who resembles Foster, police reportedly were unable to confirm if the actress was actually there. 

Besides being pals, the two actresses have another connection. Foster starred in the original 1976 version of Freaky Friday and Curtis was in the 2004 remake with co-star Lindsay Lohan.

Curtis was recently a guest star on NCIS and New Girl. She will be returning to the big screen soon when she stars in the movie adaption of Veronica Mars