Despite the fact that Daft Punk didn't appear on Tuesday night's episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert took part in a pre-taped music video to Get Lucky with various stars.

The video begins with the Comedy Central host dancing in his studio and lip-synching to Get Lucky lyrics. Colbert is then joined by House's Hugh Laurie who ends up getting smacked in the face by the comedian. Later on in the video, Colbert makes a guest appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and America's Got Talent. Matt Damon wraps up the video dancing in a confetti-filled booth in the studio.

Other guest stars who appear in the 5-minute video include Jeff Bridges, Bryan Cranston who dances in roller blades, Jon Stewart and the Radio City Rockettes.

Before premiering the video, Colbert explained why Daft Punk didn't take part in "StePhest Colbchella '013."

"You see, we booked Click and Clack over here about a month ago," Colbert said. "Well, apparently, Daft Punk are going to make a surprise appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards, spoiler alert because fun fact, nobody told me until two o' clock yesterday."

Since Comedy Central is also owned by Viacom and MTV, the President of MTV Networks, Van Toffler, believed it served as a conflict with the award show held on Aug. 25.

"I'm a proud member of the MTV family of networks so I understand Flan Cobbler's predicament here. If Daft Punk were on my show, people wouldn't tune in to see them on the VMA'S almost a month from now. That's how music works," the talk show host joked.

Colbert called the French electro-pop stars, "the anti-establishment, convention-destroying rock and roll ethos," and said they didn't comment on the appearance because "they don't talk."

To make up for the cancellation, Robin Thicke performed Blurred Lines for the audience.

Watch the full length video to Colbert's performance of Get Lucky.